Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.

We are a group of talented people who work really well together in Ireland and the US. Everyday we create experiences that help our clients solve problems and offer something better they might not expect. Our standards are high, and we work hard to exceed them.

David Hall

Lead Product Designer

As a seasoned and well-oiled multidisciplinary designer working in Ireland, David likes to focus on user experience, creativity and how science and psychology work together to make good design decisions. He is affectionately referred to as 'Head of the Arts & Crafts Department'. David writes and doodles at

Ruth Shacterman

Senior Product Owner

Originally a senior software developer with a background in psychology and product design, Ruth joined the design team as she loves unraveling ambiguities, and getting to the heart of user issues. She is also a 5th dan black belt.

Celia DeLeon

Product Designer

Originally from Uruguay and based in Ireland, Celia has over five years’ design experience working for digital agencies giving her an expert eye for attractive and usable design. Her multifaceted background has given her a deeper understanding of the UX and UI process.